MOM015: Spooky vs. Doctor Jeep - Code 9 / Ghost Dance Remixes

by Spooky vs. Doctor Jeep

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Spooky vs. Doctor Jeep. UK vs. USA. Legend vs. Legend. Andre vs. Andre. Yes, each artist in this epic bass brawl is named Andre. Hot Mom USA Presents: The Official Battle for Andre World Supremacy! Both artists have come correct, taking their Hot Mom Certified Classics "Code 9" and "Ghost Dance" through the VIP and remix treatment. This is a grime, bass, & funky smorgasbord (note: "smorgasbord" is Hot Mom's favorite word and activity). Spooky remixing Spooky. Spooky Remixing Jeep. Jeep Remixing Spooky. Jeep remixing Jeep.
Who you got!?

FACT MAG (MARCH 17, 2015):
“The producers remix their own work, then each other’s.

Doctor Jeep already proved on the Angel EP EP his knack for blending US and UK styles, and it makes him a perfect candidate to take on grime master Spooky on a remix split for Hot Mom USA. The first side features Spooky’s ‘Code 9′ first remixed himself, then taken on by Jeep. The following side switches the formula using Jeep’s ‘Ghost Dance”, and it all comes wrapped up in a package featuring that monster movie style artwork.

The split is due out April 6 in full, but you can get a taste by listening to Doctor Jeep’s take on ‘Code 9′ below and picking it up through Hot Mom USA’s website.”

thump (MARCH 24, 2015):

“Mucky 2-step vibes on this one as warped basslines and machine sounds battle it out for supremacy on UK-man Spooky’s remix of New York-based bass peddler Doctor Jeep’s ‘Ghost Dance.’ It’s a hard-nosed basher of a tune that sound like the shadier parts of London at night come to life on tape. The duo have released a whole EP full of remix trades.”

okayfuture (MARCH 31, 2015):

“Premiering today on Okayfuture is East London grime gawd Spooky‘s ‘Code 9 VIP,’ taken from his forthcoming collaborative Code 9/Ghost Dance Remixes EP with New York’s Doctor Jeep, out next week on Hot Mom USA. The project has the two producers going head-to-head in an all-out grime vibes battle for the ages.”


released April 6, 2015

Artwork by Max Bode, Field Trip World.
Mastered by Luca Pretolesi, Studio DMI



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